Mia dispels the myth of the impoverished artist, Ella is busier than ever amidst a pandemic, and Jake tries his best to be profound in this episode of The Penny Mint Podcast.
1 min read
Forever West Zine: an interview with Gabby Bortolot
To mark the launch of the Forever West, a new zine created by Gabby Bortolot of Rude Baby Records, we turned the tables and asked Gabby a few questions of our own.
This One's For Bill.
There is nothing like the bond that lives between kids and old people, and while I'm sure Bill would actively contest the idea that he ever reached "old age", the sentiment remains true. I couldn't put a name to it, but something special happens whenever memory and imagination meet.
3 min read
man, young, finds himself on holiday
at the borrowdale inn • in search of munros • ocean eyes
The Penny Mint Podcast: Grateful
Jake, Ella and Mia are back! In this episode of The Penny Mint Podcast, the trio check in and discuss their recent foray into online events.
"You can hold two truths at once, Mia. Someone can be beautiful in your life and terrible in another's."
3 min read
this is my hand
Oh my sweetest deity / You make me want things / I want to be a good person / A whole person
Everyone has their own clock, but no one can really see or knows when the clock will stop for them. Some don’t even want to know when their clock will stop, happily living in ignorance as those around them watch their seconds fly by them.
my grandfather’s arms were the first street I grew up on / parallel and stretched out / ready for me to run into
An Evening with Penelope Mint
Pull your fanciest gown from the closet, pour yourself a drink and join us for 'An Evening with Penelope Mint': a virtual night of thoughts, poetry, stories and music
Tidbit: The contradictions of Australia’s 'fast track' policy
Whilst the name conjures up images of quick processing times and swift decisions, the policy is anything but. One paper went as far as to rename the ‘fast track’ process as “lethal hopelessness”.
Don't Be A Dumbass. Writing to the Hippocratic Oath
After years of being told that women shouldn't be angry—that we shouldn't be loud and disgruntled and ugly in public—I've found myself like a kid banned from drawing on the walls: all the more willing to do it.
5 min read
The Penny Mint Podcast: Arts and Current Events
Ella, Mia and Jake put on their journalism hats and analyse how current events have impacted the arts sector in Australia. They explore university funding changes, JobKeeper and the culture industry's wider value.
The gaslighting of a city
It took a single announcement to shatter the last vestiges that ‘we’re all in this together’, with the state government letting the burden for its disastrous hotel quarantine scheme fall on marginalised communities in Melbourne’s north and west.

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