All covered up in a brown nest I learned to call a “chrysalis” / And I could spell it too: C.H.R.Y.S.A.L.I.S. / And she told me that patience had power, That the caterpillar in the chrysalis would turn to goo and then into a butterfly. And all I had to do was wait.
2 min read
The Penny Mint Podcast: Change
Mia, Ella and Jake are joined this month by Melissa Longo, a freelance writer and publisher of InkCloud, a blog championing positivity and creativity in the western suburbs of Melbourne
1 min read
Tidbit: Morrison’s past proves useful in the erasure of Indigenous history - but we’re not buying what he’s selling
As the outrage of the Black Lives Matter movement spread globally, this time sparked by the murder of George Floyd at the hands of violent Minneapolis police, Australia has been forced to confront their own race relations.
Moving Into Home: Recipes for Moving Out
Moving out for the first time, it is easy to forget how much the notion of home and community revolves around food. Nor do you stop running long enough to pause and reflect on how quickly your diet has degraded to two minute noodles.
2 min read
These Times Are Strange: A Collective Poem
Some weeks ago, we asked for your help writing a poem that could capture all the uncertainty, incredulity and "strangeness" of the past 6 months. Introducing These Times Are Strange: A Collective Poem!
Tidbit: The hypocrisy of Scott Morrison's "free country"
You may recall hearing the phrase ‘it’s a free country’ thrown around the schoolyard. It acts as a justification. It’s not a counter argument, it’s an on the spot defence, lacking in substance and without forethought.
Hello, it's me again.
I’m missing out on autumn / Taking a break from the leaves / A pause on my emotions. But I know when the sun comes up / They’ll just come rolling in on their tandem bicycle.
The Penny Mint Podcast: Going Live
Ella, Mia and Jake discuss the pros and cons of going live in isolation, highlight their TV guilty pleasures, and share some pieces first performed at Stay In, Speak Out, The Penny Mint's fortnightly Instagram live stream.
On Unions and the Working Class.
In my father’s household, Peter Lalor was the name of a saint. From it all, I’d learnt a valuable lesson: if the higher-ups won’t listen, make them.
3 min read
Just Play Ball
I want to hold hands with my partner and lose my voice at a packed concert. And we will, soon. But no app will get us there faster.
Here: 3PM / & lonely stinging nettle / gathers grossly at my ankles, taking them for a quick bath
I Am A Lion. On 'Melb Guys Pal'
Content warning: This piece discusses violence against women and r*pe.
3 min read
Stay In, Speak Out on Instagram Live
We're back for one final hour of spoken word, poetry and open mic conversation LIVE on Instagram this Saturday June 13.
The Penny Mint Podcast: Purpose
Jake, Mia and Ella come to you from their bedrooms with a big announcement, but first: as we continue to self-isolate, how are we structuring our days? How do we find purpose?

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