We've been an awfully patient bunch in 2020. As we transition into a different normal filled with even more waiting, The Penny Mint wants to provide a soundtrack to your doctors queue, your train delay and everything in-between.

Introducing... Play While Waiting, a continuous audio stream featuring the voices of The Penny Mint community to fill the silence while you stand, sit, or pace nervously.

What we need

We’re looking for audio pieces prompted by our title: “Play while Waiting”. Whether you read us poems or prose, leave us a voicemail or sing us a song, we want your voice, your thoughts and your stories, sent as audio files to [email protected] to be included in this collective work.

The submissions due date is December 20 and we look forward to sharing Play While Waiting with you at the start of 2021.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
The Penny Mint Team