Lovers of pens and shared Google docs, The Penny Mint is founded by a few young writers looking to share thoughts amidst the growing Melbourne creative scene. Brought to life in an inner-west chain burger restaurant in December 2018, we want to provide a platform for young writers from all walks of life.

Okay, but why The Penny Mint?

In launching this collective that fateful Wednesday evening, our founding team - Mia, Jake and Ella - proclaimed our shared interests: including long walks on the beach, the plentiful use of water and/or transport metaphors in our work and, of course, indulgent uses of stationery and pennies that cost more to mint than they grant in value. With that, an almighty pun was born, and so was The Penny Mint.

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Mia Boonen

Mia is an avid fan of alliteration, pens, pen puns, the act of relating the printing of words to the printing of pennies and penny-pinned pen puns. In an all-too-familiar protest to the patriarchy, Mia Anne Boonen has taken on the names of her grandmothers and engages the power of the matriarch in her work - writing poetry and opinion pieces generated from her experiences as a woman in today’s climate. Amongst the craze and chaos of year 12, Mia wrote the score and lyrics to Dramawerkz Youth Theatre’s ‘Such Sweet Sorrow’ alongside a book by Lisa Collins. Previously, a press member at the Williamstown Literary Festival, a writer for the Around Altona and a Facebook ranter, Mia is enthralled with the idea of a collective for young writers - so much so, she called the irreconcilably talented Jake and Ella in to help her!

Jake Stevens

Essay writer by day and poet by night, Jake has a habit of finding metaphors in public transport, societal inequity and the performance of his sporting teams. Currently studying a Bachelor of Media & Communication at Swinburne University, he doubles as a radio presenter at SYN Media and a freelance voiceover artist heard across Australia. An activist in the making, Jake has participated as the YMCA Victorian Youth Parliament, and in 2016 was awarded with a high commendation in the Australian Race Discrimination Commissioner's Student Prize.

Ella Crowley

Ella Crowley is a 17-year-old sleepy girl who occasionally puts words together to form sentences. Ella is what is best described as a ‘theatre nerd’, having collaboratively written two cabarets, participated in many stage productions and just came off directing her first play. Ella spends her time starting projects that remain unfinished and trying to understand politics, so she can debate it. One of Ella’s primary interests is people, the things connect and draw us to one another. This will be Ella’s first time publishing her written work and is majorly grateful for the gifted Mia and Jake! She hopes that this becomes a space where other young writers can come and shout their thoughts and words into the void called the internet.

Lovers of pens and shared google docs, this page is founded by a few young writers looking to share their thoughts...

Posted by The Penny Mint on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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