Sure we’re close to the end of the world, but I am constantly in awe at my cat. She's got so many super secret abilities, I had no idea existed. She’s like a serene beacon of light, shining through the clouds on an overcast day, with bullets of rain hammering down. I have no idea how you do it. How do you make a little piece of heaven for yourself? How do you do it in a time like this? When the world is crumbling at the seams?

No matter where you are, inside or outside, during the nights or days, through the heat and cold. You fold your little paws up and sit on top of them. Not only are your paws warm, but you placed, promptly, on a comfortable surface. Whether it’s inside my sock drawer, on my bed, on that pile of clothes, on that other pile of clothes or right next to the heater. You seem to be in a state total and complete enjoyment once you have sat down.

You’ve also got this special ability called Toxoplasma gondii. Toxoplasma gondii, for those who are unaware, is a parasite which benefits cats and other felines. The parasite spreads through indigestion and can be carried over via genetics. Approximately over 2 billion people worldwide are infected. And the best part?

There is no cure...

The parasite activates a behavioural shift in the host, making them less afraid of cats. That’s it. That’s all it does. Sure this doesn’t mean much for humans, but imagine if you will. You - a little mouse - are no longer afraid of your primal, classical, historical counterpart, the cat. Jerry is no longer running away from Tom. In fact, he welcomes him with open arms. This makes hunting easier for the cat, as its prey are no longer stricken with fear, once the glowing eyes of death pierce its soul.

However, if the big cats did take over, we would be screwed. Those tiny, four legged, biological engineers would crack a finely aged champagne (or a cheaper, yet still just as festive, sparkling wine) against our ship, wishing us “Adieu!” as they waved their little handkerchiefs back and forth. They would rule the Earth. Well at least it would be more desirable than complete nuclear destruction. Very much so. In fact, on Jan 25, 2018, the nuclear ‘Doomsday Clock’ was moved to “two minutes to midnight.” Designed back in 1947, by artist Martyl Langsdorf, the clock shows how much time we have left until midnight. But what does ‘midnight’ mean?

Midnight meaning total nuclear armageddon...

The end of the world. The clock has never been this close to complete fatality, since 1953 when the US tested their first thermonuclear device as part of Operation Ivy. So as of right now, in this very moment, the two things that could end humanity are felines and total nuclear armageddon.

None of that matters to me though, not when my cat has somehow managed to fit her entire body mass onto my 2.5” x 3.5” leather wallet! Thinking about the world, as of right now, is a scary thought. If cats have the innate ability to reduce fear in its prey, could they perhaps make me unafraid about the world? Pretty please?

So maybe if I’m flexible enough, and just as careful, I could carve my own piece of heaven out of the rubble and stone around me.

Photo credit 📷 Pacto Visual