dystopia has arrived in Australia in this apocalyptic fire season, seeing images of entire communities being evacuated by the military and major cities being choked by smoke has moved me to make this piece.

All proceeds will go to the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Appeal. Buy this single on Bandcamp.

cold night, light rain,
empty streets, thick smoke.

from the sweet air filled with fear of death to the atmosphere of merriment.

how distance changes us.

blistered bark and smouldering wreck,
open wastes where once stood trees.

our prequel of dystopia arrived at last, without its' hollywood trappings.

our islands of respite and mercy are no longer,
danger is at least knee deep.

blasted chimes are blown on molten air.
rain no longer falls, red air chokes us in the the thousands.

our prequel of dystopia arrived at last, exactly as expected.