Ella Crowley
Ella Crowley is a performer, director, writer and an all-round arts-loving person! She likes to write half-poems in her notes app and make short films.
The Penny Mint Podcast: Arts and Current Events
Ella, Mia and Jake put on their journalism hats and analyse how current events have impacted the arts sector in Australia. They explore university funding changes, JobKeeper and the culture industry's wider value.
The Penny Mint Podcast: Change
Mia, Ella and Jake are joined this month by Melissa Longo, a freelance writer and publisher of InkCloud, a blog championing positivity and creativity in the western suburbs of Melbourne
1 min read
Hello, it's me again.
I’m missing out on autumn / Taking a break from the leaves / A pause on my emotions. But I know when the sun comes up / They’ll just come rolling in on their tandem bicycle.
The Penny Mint Podcast: Going Live
Ella, Mia and Jake discuss the pros and cons of going live in isolation, highlight their TV guilty pleasures, and share some pieces first performed at Stay In, Speak Out, The Penny Mint's fortnightly Instagram live stream.
The Penny Mint Podcast: Purpose
Jake, Mia and Ella come to you from their bedrooms with a big announcement, but first: as we continue to self-isolate, how are we structuring our days? How do we find purpose?
The Penny Mint Podcast: Isolation
Mia, Ella and Jake are working from home this month, so this episode of The Penny Mint Podcast sounds a little bit different to what you're used to by now.
1 min read
International Women's Day: Letters to Feminism
Happy International Women's Day! Mia Boonen & Ella Crowley have both written letters to feminism - expressing their love for womanhood and their problems with the patriarchy
The Penny Mint Podcast: Identity
Jake, Mia and Ella have found themselves in a new kitchen, as this month they explore the identity of a writer. Or a maker. An artist? A creative?
The Penny Mint Podcast: Beginnings
How do you begin to write? What got us into writing in the first place? And what even is the plural of Bigfoot anyway? Mia, Ella and Jake are in a kitchen, and they have questions in this podcast, all about beginnings.
1 min read
Where We Are Now: an interview with Zadie Mccracken
Where We Are Now is three nights of spoken word performance, produced by Zadie Mccracken & Brigitte Noonan, set on themes of body, mind, and earth.
2 Love Letters – Childhood and Adulthood
One letter to childhood. Another to adulthood. Where we are, where we're going.
The Search for More
Is there any more to it? There has to be more. Am I selfish for wanting more? Probably.
Our life is dominated by conversations. There are the small interactions. But then there are the significant conversations that drive our entire lives.
Where To Look
I don’t know where to look / Everything is so loud / So full of colour / It’s impossible to choose / Where to focus.

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