Jake Stevens
Jake Stevens is a writer, broadcaster and voiceover artist. A co-founder of The Penny Mint, his work is often themed around mental health, youth identity, politics, inequity and urbanism.
Forever West Zine: an interview with Gabby Bortolot
To mark the launch of the Forever West, a new zine created by Gabby Bortolot of Rude Baby Records, we turned the tables and asked Gabby a few questions of our own.
man, young, finds himself on holiday
at the borrowdale inn • in search of munros • ocean eyes
The gaslighting of a city
It took a single announcement to shatter the last vestiges that ‘we’re all in this together’, with the state government letting the burden for its disastrous hotel quarantine scheme fall on marginalised communities in Melbourne’s north and west.
Just Play Ball
I want to hold hands with my partner and lose my voice at a packed concert. And we will, soon. But no app will get us there faster.
Three Short Pieces About London
pimlico • westminster • brixton
Williamstown Literary Festival 2019: You Daughters of Freedom
Promoted as a politician and a historian 'locking horns' over how we tell the story of Australia's colonial history; instead, a lively discussion about the women too often disregarded in our history
Williamstown Literary Festival 2019: Out of the Shadows
Where did the current wave of true crime interest come from, and why now? Is true crime destined to remain out of the shadows? Jake Stevens reviews this Willy Lit Fest panel over at InkCloud
an active campaign
a jolly man affixed on marigold board / pledges of greatness from a third storey / two thumbs up to hide the fraudulence
I'm (Dis)interested in Apathy
One response to disillusionment is anger. The second response is apathy, and that leaves us undeniably poorer.
whistle the dog
raise not a community / but white-picket fences
two blocks shy of anywhere
In this house we hide our gazes behind post-it notes and scrawled handwriting
crashing, folding
november 2018, somewhere by the water: there's no shelter in that beach house
Questions for a graduate: Life after VCE
This time last year I was sat with the same unease that you and close to 50,000 other year 12 students in Victoria are feeling right now. The good news is that it gets better from here. But what happens next?

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