Does the piece I write have to be about a piece of clothing?
Yeah. Or a hat, maybe. Jewellery is also welcome.

What exactly do I submit?
You submit a) the clothing piece you’ve written about and b) the piece of writing.
This all happens on August 10 at our submissions day at Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre.

What if I cannot make it to submissions day?
Message us! We’re happy to arrange something so you can drop off your submission at an alternative place/time.

Do I get the piece of clothing back after the exhibit?
As much as the idea of restocking our wardrobes with your fabulous fashion does appeal to us, you will definitely be able to collect your clothing after the exhibit.

Are there any requirements for genre? I’m not much of a poet.
Any type of writing is welcome! Prose or poetry, fiction or non-fiction, we look forward to reading anything you share! And you don’t have to think yourself to be a writer, either, we are much more interested in the story at the clothing’s heart than concerned with the quality of the words.

Is there a word limit?
The sky is the limit! We’ll accept anything from a haiku to an essay!

I have a piece of clothing and an idea but don’t have the time to write, what can I do?
We get you. Life is busy and quiet writing time is hard to come by, but we have you covered. Alongside our submissions day on August 10, we have a writing bee so you can bring along your clothing piece, write and submit all in the same day.

How accessible is the event?
Both the exhibition and Writing Bee will be at Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre, which is a wheelchair accessible venue. There are accessible parking spaces right outside the building as well as a parking lot beside it. Louis Joel is a 5 minutes walk along well-lit streets from Altona station.

Please do not hesitate to message us if you have any other accessibility concerns.

<3 The Penny Mint Team