So you've picked out your clothing item of choice for The Penny Mint's upcoming exhibition Ode to Hand-Me-Down Clothes, but you still need some inspiration for your piece of writing. We've put together some ideas to help you get started, but the possibilities are endless!

  • A letter to...
    • the old owner of the clothing
    • you, when you received the clothing
    • the clothing itself
    • the place you bought / received the clothing
  • Advice for wearing
  • Poem / ode / sonnet etc.
  • Interview...
    • the old owner of the clothing
    • the owner of the shop you got it from
  • History of the fabric / style / cut
  • Write of the journey the piece took to get to you
  • Write from the perspective of...
    • the clothing
    • its coat hanger
    • your mirror
    • the old owner
  • A fictitious account of the clothing's previous life
  • A short story that includes the item
  • Directions for care

Like we said, the possibilities are endless, and we'd love to hear any of your wonderful suggestions. Leave them in the comments below, or in the Facebook page for our submissions drop-off and writing bee event. Don't forget, we'll be down at the Louis Joel Arts & Community Centre on Saturday, August 10 to take your submissions, or come write along with us!

Wondering how you stumbled along here? Click below to find out more about Ode to Hand-Me-Down Clothes, an exhibition from The Penny Mint.