Content warning: This piece discusses violence against women, r*pe and sexual assault.

Angus Campbell teaches his female cadets to be aware of the “four As”: consuming alcohol, being out after midnight, being alone and, most ridiculously, being attractive.
Here’s the thing Mr Campbell: We already knew this. We’ve known this for years.

“It has been a rough morning.” August 18, 2017

“I am troubled by some sense of urgency. I march.” October 11, 2017

"Because that's r*pe culture and completely unacceptable" August 16, 2018

"This shit. This fucken shit. No. Fuck off. How can you be this fucken inhumane as to support fucken abusers?" August 31, 2018

"Walking alone is fear." January 18, 2019

"My heart is with her community. My heart is with women who are scared to walk the streets. My heart is with survivors of domestic violence. My heart is with those who long to change things." April 28, 2019

"This mess isn't just in Alabama. It isn't distant. We are close to this violence and that fact is terrifying." May 17, 2019

"I am scared." May 18, 2019

"Tfw you're enjoying listening to some music with your headphones and then realise you're a woman, walking alone after dark and would rather not listen to people commemorate your life by telling the world you should have been 'safer'. I guess I'll just listen to that great new ambient track: air." June 1, 2019

"Dear Uber drivers. Yes, I am purposefully evasive. I will not tell you if the destination is where I live. I will ignore you if you ask. Sincerely, call me sweetie one more time, I dare you." August 25, 2019

"Kick up a fuss." November 14, 2019

"More on the website now." April 18, 2020

"Cleansing bad spirits with Gillard's misogyny speech." May 22, 2020

"This is why women are discouraged... Every woman and nb person I know has a story - all of us. And this shit - pleading with judges to protect a young man's career when he should be serving time for assault - is wrong, but normal. I hear about this shit ALL the time. 'People are only entitled to the reputation they deserve, not the reputation they have.' - Professor David Rolph" July 15, 2020

"Wear your brain to work today please." August 11, 2020

"This world won’t get any better without conscious, compassionate work to make it so." August 26, 2020

Two days ago, I ran into the man who groped me at a gig in 2018. Then I checked the news.

I believe her. I have always believed her.

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