Depth within your heart, spills stories through your eyes
Hidden away from others, yet emotions I surmise
I see the want and need, your hollowness within
Your essence floats my way and so it all begin
Voids left unfulfilled create chasms left to spit
Indifference all around causes the heart to take a hit
In search for a connection, though subtle it may be
The hurt and love that comes with you, constantly consuming me.


Heartbreak arrives like a wave upon rocks in the midst of a storm.
A raging slam to the heart and soul
Caught between the cold of the rock
And the hammer of the sea
Crash after crash it repeats
Breaking over again
Without remorse while the wind howls
And the rain falls hard against the mind
Savage the storm be it day or night
Harder the ache in the following days
Heartbreak is sadly poetic, in all the wrong ways.

Photo credit 📷 Raf Stahelin