I want you to love me
The same way I want to party
Recklessly, recklessly, recklessly.

All my daydreams are perverted
As soft and hot as melted wax
I have dreamt I will see you here
Standing in the back.

My therapist has said I am starved of connection.
But it’s not your fault
It’s not your worry
It’s not that you don’t feed me
It’s just that I get too hungry.

On the bus back home
I drink raspberry lemonade
Reminds me of how I haven't had my period in two months
Thinking maybe it’s your kid
Maybe it’s all mine
Maybe it will rip me open.

I want you to love me
The same way I want to escape
Ceaselessly, ceaselessly, ceaselessly.

I don’t know how to travel in time
Believe me, I’ve tried.
Last night I saw a bird kiss a bat
Afterwards, they both took a step back
As if seeing themselves for the first time.

Photo credit 📷 -veiv-