It’s perfect. Almost too much space.
No there’s never too much space.
You can write while I’m playing piano in the lounge.
How thick are the walls?
Okay let's sleep.

She’s beautiful. I know.
The cot’s not going to fit. Yes it will,
we’ll just have to move the bed into the corner.
It’s your turn. Okay, go to sleep.

He’s so big now. Maybe we should move them into the study? But where will you write?
In the lounge, with you. Okay

I hate sharing with her! Well I hate sharing with him!!
Be quiet both of you!
He’s just tired. Would you rather come share with us?
No way!!

You’re beautiful. I love you. There’s no space! Well what do you want me to do. Nothing. Great. I’m sorry. I’m just so tired from work. I know, me too. We’ll figure it out.

Okay, having your own room is a big responsibility. I know.
You’re gonna have to clean. Yes. And use it for homework. Yeah. I can help you whenever you need. Okay.

Can we afford this? No. I can go back to work. I’ll find another job. We need the space. We could sell the piano.

I miss the old house. I do too. Can we go back? No, there’s another family living there now. It looks smaller than I remember.