Tomfoolery is the name of the game
While our deepest desires creep out
Lame ideas of fame enter each discussion
Chasing dreams, bar ideas of clout
Loud reflection makes up the secret circle
Passing around dreams of yesterday
Picking apart theories of benevolence
Knowing two-faces are here to stay
To the left they go
Strangers becoming familiar
The host bellows, with excitement
Not a whisper or hint of slowing down
For now, we must return back to the clouds
Isolate each demon, flea and tick
Telling the unknown I love them
For united we have all become
In times of blurry eyes and thick haze
Amazed by each spick and speck and sky
We are the gleeful youth
Cleansing the world of old ways
Watch us now, rise against
Hear us, have our say!

Photo credit 📷 Rob Reiner