inward; fold briskly and
maintain professional smiles.
this place is bigger than us
though our glances call for more
outward; sirens fade and
streetscape returns gently.
this place is bigger than us
but closed eyelids demand less


let us pray and then nought
but to drizzle opulence onto stone
and glide over grave sites
as we glide over our history

let us pray and then yearn
for a plentiful crowd in sunshine
spot the shoes unwalked in
shoes unwelcome on cloisters


deep surface arrival,
there's no need to fit in!
find the orange for your tone
(mine is ochre; do avoid the apricot)
then point french blue eyes
towards long yearned for stars

watch them shining
because it's all for you!
you've given them a show
(they're used to the voyeurism, see)
prepare your vessels
for a space-bound departure