I have an old brown leather wallet. It's got wear and tear, plenty of imperfections decorating each side. On the off chance that money is actually inside my wallet, it shares a home with several other things. Such as a pamphlet telling me why I need god, several business cards from bars that I must have deemed worthy to collect while off my chops, receipts from savers during the boxing day 50% off sale, KFC hand-wipes that have expired eons ago, the list goes on and on. Why do I keep all this crap? Is it because I have trouble letting go? Am I a secret hoarder? Or is it normal? Does everyone else keep volumes of scrap papers, stickers and expired aspirins? I've come to the realization that people hesitate to show their wallet, not because of personal information and money, no no. It's because it's an absolute mess inside. Nobody has a organized wallet. The same applies for purses and tote bags. It's a dirty little secret, and everyone is trying to keep it. And just like a messy bedroom, I prefer it this way. Despite the chaos I could tell you exactly where anything is, without fail. Pokemon card? That's in the second compartment, third from the back. A clump of felt? Yep, right inside the little pocket protected by a brown button. If you've got a second, I implore you to empty your wallet. See what's actually inside it. So go ahead - count those five cent pieces, inspect those Coles / Liquorland vouchers, throw out that that gross bit of gum. Who knows, you might find something that belongs in the forefront of your mind, not your back pocket.