I don’t know where to look
Everything is so loud
So full of colour
It’s impossible to choose
Where to focus.
From the little world
on my screen
To the wide world around me
I feel the indescribable need
To see it all.
I wish I had eyes on my legs
And arms
So I could stretch them out
And see
If it were up to me
I’d have eyes everywhere
Overlooking peaceful gardens
That look like they came straight out of a
Jane Austen novel.
I’d stick my eyes
In the midst of busy cities,
I may even place my ears
There too
Pick up some quippy conversations
Between riveting individuals.
I want to see it all at once
But whenever I try
It hurts my head.
Maybe, instead
I’ll send my eyes
Through time.
To different dimensions.
Maybe I’ll see versions of myself
I could be.
See a future where I stare into fresh hazel eyes
Just like mine
The selfless way to be.
Or one where I gaze at someone lovingly for eternity
So wonderfully familiar.
Maybe see a future without these things
A life in solitude.
So I take my eyes
And before I send them out
I tell them in earnest
“I want to see it all, please”

Photo credit 📷 Éric Rohmer