The world’s not so dark anymore
Take the bad out of my head
Pyramidal schemes, gathering of thoughts,
updated every week, at my prime and in my worst
Fortitude favours the few, who remind themselves
to get rid of the blue
That lingers across the latitude and longitude
of my Planet Mind, that longs for you
Now that it’s gone,
I can continue with my life of dance and song
Push aside the rest where pain prolongs
Repetition precedes me
Let’s hope I don’t make that mistake twice,
like an owl in the night, hooting away at the devil’s desires
I’ve conspired too much in you
Leave me at it now,
I’m sitting here with my subconscious, we’re having a few
Laments and goodbyes to the big ball of fire that now,
forever brews.

Photo credit 📷 -veiv-