Unfortunately, as you will have gathered from the lack of substantial updates from our end, we remain on hiatus indefinitely. The data from our Reboot 2021 survey reiterated that running safe, inclusive events is a key priority amongst our community of readers, writers and performers: sadly, the latest COVID-19 outbreak now prevents us from holding events in a manner that is safe for all members of our community.

For both of us, The Penny Mint is a side project from which we earn no income. The time outlay required in order for us to review, edit and publish work far exceeds what we can realistically commit to alongside work and other personal commitments, and this has been perhaps hampered further by the decline in interest from writers brought about by the pandemic. This means that, for the moment, we will not be considering any new writing for The Penny Mint's website.

We are sure this will come about as disappointing news, however we trust you will understand how this decision has come to be. We strongly encourage you to submit your work elsewhere, and we hope to see you at an event or online in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

Kind regards,
Mia Boonen & Jake Stevens
Founding Directors
The Penny Mint