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Tidbit: The contradictions of Australia’s 'fast track' policy
Whilst the name conjures up images of quick processing times and swift decisions, the policy is anything but. One paper went as far as to rename the ‘fast track’ process as “lethal hopelessness”.
Don't Be A Dumbass. Writing to the Hippocratic Oath
After years of being told that women shouldn't be angry—that we shouldn't be loud and disgruntled and ugly in public—I've found myself like a kid banned from drawing on the walls: all the more willing to do it.
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Tidbit: The hypocrisy of Scott Morrison's "free country"
You may recall hearing the phrase ‘it’s a free country’ thrown around the schoolyard. It acts as a justification. It’s not a counter argument, it’s an on the spot defence, lacking in substance and without forethought.
On Unions and the Working Class.
In my father’s household, Peter Lalor was the name of a saint. From it all, I’d learnt a valuable lesson: if the higher-ups won’t listen, make them.
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Teenage Delinquents
Tomfoolery is the name of the game / While our deepest desires creep out / Lame ideas of fame enter each discussion
Our World is Burning
Our ice is melting, Fires are ravaging our home, and Attenborough is angry.
an active campaign
a jolly man affixed on marigold board / pledges of greatness from a third storey / two thumbs up to hide the fraudulence
I'm (Dis)interested in Apathy
One response to disillusionment is anger. The second response is apathy, and that leaves us undeniably poorer.
Our life is dominated by conversations. There are the small interactions. But then there are the significant conversations that drive our entire lives.
Odd Generation
I grew up in an odd generation - although I’m sure every generation believes themselves to be odd.
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