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The Penny Mint Podcast: Grateful
Jake, Ella and Mia are back! In this episode of The Penny Mint Podcast, the trio check in and discuss their recent foray into online events.
The Penny Mint Podcast: Arts and Current Events
Ella, Mia and Jake put on their journalism hats and analyse how current events have impacted the arts sector in Australia. They explore university funding changes, JobKeeper and the culture industry's wider value.
'Woman' by Man
A landscape, untainted by thoughts that have ever felt wholeness. I hear you begging a song from whittled lips on quiet Thursdays. I’ll name you Eve.
1 min read
An Open Letter to NGV - On Narratives
I tried to separate the art from the artist, just as many had told me to. And it had worked, that is, until now.
3 min read
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