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The gaslighting of a city
It took a single announcement to shatter the last vestiges that ‘we’re all in this together’, with the state government letting the burden for its disastrous hotel quarantine scheme fall on marginalised communities in Melbourne’s north and west.
Here: 3PM / & lonely stinging nettle / gathers grossly at my ankles, taking them for a quick bath
A Long Time
You’re sitting atop buildings and looking out at sunsets and drinking beer and smoking. I’m on my front porch while it rains.
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What's inside your wallet?
Why do I keep all this crap? Is it because I have trouble letting go? Am I a secret hoarder? Or is it normal?
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The Step I Sit on in Your Kitchen
To Build A Home
I pretend I don't know you, and connect as little as I can with you because I don't want to feel that same detachment again.
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