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An Evening with Penelope Mint
Pull your fanciest gown from the closet, pour yourself a drink and join us for 'An Evening with Penelope Mint': a virtual night of thoughts, poetry, stories and music
Melbourne Music. A Year Later.
About a year ago, I wrote an article on here announcing a boycott of all line-ups without gender diversity. There have been a lot of consequences, and I thought I’d take the time to share some of them with you
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In Practise. Melbourne Music.
I’ve been pretty loud in my life about identifying as a ‘strong independent woman’. I’ve shouted it from rooftops and worn T-shirts with it plastered upon me. I am quite honestly fantastic at identifying publicly as a feminist.
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Venue Doors and Paintbrushes - Medium Present: Be Heard, Not Harmed
I can't remember a time where my friends and I didn't come together with music. When I was 13, it was my brunette best friend and I laying on the floor with 'This Year' by the Mountain Goats humming through us from the iPod dock.
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