Ode to Hand-Me-Down Clothes
2–5 September 2019 — A celebration of the clothes that stumbled into your life through other people. 5 posts
Ode to Hand-Me Down Clothes: It's Perfect
It’s perfect. Almost too much space. No there’s never too much space.
Ode to Hand-Me-Down Clothes: deliver us
someone wore you once, filled your empty form. we know not from whence you came, or where you shall return. for this brief time, deliver us from the storm
Ode to Hand-Me-Down Clothes: Frequently Asked Questions
Does the piece I write have to be about a piece of clothing? What if I cannot make it to submissions day? We answer these questions and more!
Ode to Hand-Me-Down Clothes: What stories will you tell?
Chosen your clothing item but still need some inspiration? We've put together some ideas to help you get started
Ode to Hand-Me-Down Clothes
“To the man who owned size 7&1/2 hush puppies, I have walked a mile in your shoes and still feel confused about you… and me, I guess.”
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