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A Collection of Things I Have Already Said About This
Tidbit: The contradictions of Australia’s 'fast track' policy
Whilst the name conjures up images of quick processing times and swift decisions, the policy is anything but. One paper went as far as to rename the ‘fast track’ process as “lethal hopelessness”.
The Penny Mint Podcast: Arts and Current Events
Ella, Mia and Jake put on their journalism hats and analyse how current events have impacted the arts sector in Australia. They explore university funding changes, JobKeeper and the culture industry's wider value.
The gaslighting of a city
It took a single announcement to shatter the last vestiges that ‘we’re all in this together’, with the state government letting the burden for its disastrous hotel quarantine scheme fall on marginalised communities in Melbourne’s north and west.
Tidbit: Morrison’s past proves useful in the erasure of Indigenous history - but we’re not buying what he’s selling
As the outrage of the Black Lives Matter movement spread globally, this time sparked by the murder of George Floyd at the hands of violent Minneapolis police, Australia has been forced to confront their own race relations.
Tidbit: The hypocrisy of Scott Morrison's "free country"
You may recall hearing the phrase ‘it’s a free country’ thrown around the schoolyard. It acts as a justification. It’s not a counter argument, it’s an on the spot defence, lacking in substance and without forethought.
A Body in a Borrowed Shirt
I’m wearing a borrowed shirt / and I’ve stained it with a dish I call / “curry adjacent”
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You Can Put Wings On Politics, But You Can't Call It An Emu
It’s interesting to think about the left and right wing politics that have encapsulated my lifetime in a non-stop battle between everyone who wants the world to be a better place and everyone who’s afraid of change
On Leaders in Crisis.
A car radio plays nearby, feeding through evacuation information and the phone numbers of relief services. A few feet away, my boyfriend watches a press conference by Daniel Andrews, who tells us that, as of 9:30am, 28 people are missing.
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Our World is Burning
Our ice is melting, Fires are ravaging our home, and Attenborough is angry.
My Blue Shirt
Incessant beeping. That’s the soundtrack for the theatre piece about Centrelink I swear I’ll put on stage one day.
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I’ve never felt anything less safe / Than letting my skin see the sun / While I walk down the road to the milk bar.
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an active campaign
a jolly man affixed on marigold board / pledges of greatness from a third storey / two thumbs up to hide the fraudulence
I'm (Dis)interested in Apathy
One response to disillusionment is anger. The second response is apathy, and that leaves us undeniably poorer.
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