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On Unions and the Working Class.
In my father’s household, Peter Lalor was the name of a saint. From it all, I’d learnt a valuable lesson: if the higher-ups won’t listen, make them.
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You Can Put Wings On Politics, But You Can't Call It An Emu
It’s interesting to think about the left and right wing politics that have encapsulated my lifetime in a non-stop battle between everyone who wants the world to be a better place and everyone who’s afraid of change
Teenage Delinquents
Tomfoolery is the name of the game / While our deepest desires creep out / Lame ideas of fame enter each discussion
Fortitude favours the few, who remind themselves / to get rid of the blue
Three Short Pieces About London
pimlico • westminster • brixton
I'm (Dis)interested in Apathy
One response to disillusionment is anger. The second response is apathy, and that leaves us undeniably poorer.
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