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"You can hold two truths at once, Mia. Someone can be beautiful in your life and terrible in another's."
3 min read
I Am A Lion. On 'Melb Guys Pal'
More and more, I find myself wondering if it’s been a smart idea to be so public with what a friend of mine calls “lion feminism”: the loud and proud statements against sexism that put my anger in the public eye.
3 min read
An Open Letter to Catholic School Boys
Dear Catholic All Boys Schools, We both knew this conversation was coming. For a long time, I think.
2 min read
She will bite her tongue / As hard as she trusts / For as long as she must
Self Defence for Good Women
Please arrive promptly at 9am / Ladies, there’s tea and coffee in the waiting room. Please wait inside.
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An Open Letter to NGV - On Narratives
I tried to separate the art from the artist, just as many had told me to. And it had worked, that is, until now.
3 min read
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