Please arrive promptly at 9am
Ladies, there’s tea and coffee in the waiting room.
Please wait inside.
Wear shoes you can run in
And light, modest clothing.
Tie back your hair.

Your instructor will be male.
He will start sentences with the phrase
“If I were to attack you...”
But do not worry, he will not attack you.
He is one of the Good Men.

He will tell you all about the Bad Men.
The ones who shave their heads,
And dress just so,
Or don’t shave,
And dress differently,
Or have tattoos,
Or don’t.

Good Men and Bad Men look alike.
You cannot rely on your eyes.
Good Men may become Bad Men
if you run from them without cause.

Your instructor will teach you
the Bitch Walk:
for shoes you can run in.
But do not worry, you are not a Bitch.
You’re one of the Good Women.

He will tell you all about the Bitch Women,
Who refuse to tie their hair,
And dress in tight clothing.
And speak their mind.
He calls them Provocative:
Bad Men Magnets.

There are things your instructor will not tell you.
Bad Men do not use their eyes.
They do not care what kind of woman you are.

Wear shoes you can run in.
Run when you must.